Repeat Prescriptions

How do I get repeat prescriptions: 

You have to put a written request in the black box in reception. These take 48 hrs to process so please put requests in advance. They are usually done by our prescription team who are not medically trained. If you request something new or something that you have not had, they will advise you to see the doctor. We do not take telephone requests.

Electronic Prescribing

We have an electronic prescribing service. This means that repeat prescriptions can be sent from the surgery to the nominated pharmacy directly if the patient wishes. 

Why do I have to see the doctor for something/ drug I had before?

This is because we like to check/ assess the condition it is being used for. Sometimes when the doctors assess the problem they may prescribe something else. Sometimes the drug may not have been available.  If you are on 4 or more medications please book an appointment with the doctor for an annual review of your medications.

Can my pharmacist prescribe me something?

Our local pharmacists do a scheme called the minor ailments scheme. They can issues certain medications to treat certain illnesses. Pharmacists can give advice to patients as well as undertaking medications reviews. They also provide other services such as warfarin checks and other health checks. Please contact your local pharmacy for their full range of services.

Can I get my medications delivered?

Yes you can, depending on your local pharmacy. This is organised on discussion with your local pharmacists and the doctors. We generally advise this service for the housebound/disabled.

What about holiday prescriptions?

Patient cannot order more than 2 months at a time. This is according to localpolicy.

Why do my doctors change my medications from time to time?

Sometimes new evidence and research is published advising us to change/ stop medications. These protocols are set by the local authority / department of health.

Sometimes we are advised nationally to change drugs to a lower cost alternative/ safer medication. This is to improve spending in the NHS as a whole while improving patient care.

Should you disagree/ change your mind with any changes please contact your doctor or practice manager, who can discuss this further.

Remember all changes are issued according to strict protocols by the local authority.

How do I get exempt from prescription charges?

Certain chronic conditions, pregnancy and also those on certain benefits are entitled to free prescription charges.  Doctors will give advice on this matter for you. 

How can I lower my charges for prescriptions?

If you get many medications regularly and not exempt from these charges, consider a Prepayment card. Please contact your local chemist for details.

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